About Me


Yamin Aghayev - known professionally as @theaystyle on Instagram.
I am an E-Commerce business expert & Marketing Consultant & Entrepreneur. I started my first business at 17 with just $30 (University scholarship). During my university life, I tried different business models like: Fidget Spinner, Jewelry business, Meteorite Accessories, Backpacks and etc. But none of them went successful. Then I found out Shopify Dropshipping and worked hard to learn this business model. I didn't make any sales in the first year, and although I faced many obstacles, I overcame these, as I stayed consistent and focused on my goal to become the youngest Billionaire. Finally in 2016 I made my first $1.000/Day with Shopify Dropshipping.
And from that day my life changed.
You found me. Let's get started!